ASUS 6Z(Zenfone 6) ,the top speaker has much less volume than the lower one

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I recently purchased the phone and I noticed that, while playing any sound on loudspeaker; the top speaker has VERY less volume. (If i close the bottom speaker there is almost no sound coming from the top one).This is a huge problem if the video is using stereo effect.....If the output is only through the top( programmed to act as the left speaker in landscape mode) I CAN BARELY hear anything

PLEASE HELP...Is this a problem in all phones or just mine


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    Yes it's a fact, the top speaker is less powerful that the bottom. However, if you have a high-pitched on the left channel (or right according to the screen orientation), you can hear it easily.

    The top speaker handles more the treble than bass ...

    Hardware limitations (space) maybe ...

  • Your are right about the high frequency low frequency issue...Thanks a lot, I got the phone recently and I was in a dilemma whether I should return it as a defective piece

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