UX581GV i9-9980HK Laptop Frozen/ dark screen

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  1. System: Win 10 Pro
  2. Battery or AC: Both
  3. Model: UX581GV i9-9980HK
  4. Frequency of occurrence: Often
  5. Reset OS: YES
  6. Screenshot or video:


Detailed description:Laptop goes into a frozen/ unresponsive state sometimes with screen on and sometimes the screens go dark. Both states I have to press the power button for a few seconds to power down then I can power it back up to be operational. It randomly happens I can't say it is doing a specific task other than light cpu load. It can either be at idle not doing anything or I could have it streaming on netflix, youtube, entertainment sources. Peripherals I have a Logitech G900 mouse that is constantly in use with this laptop wireless and wired when charging. This issue has been in this laptop since new system resets were done thinking it would solve the issue. Just did a factory image reinstall friday night 5/22 and it still has the issue because it froze one me tonight 5/24. BIOS 307. Anyone experiencing this from a UX581GV i9-9980HK?





  • Hi @TitanZen!

    First, we would suggest you to check if your windows has finished windows update (settings -> Update & Security -> Check For Updates). Make sure that all updates are performed. Next, you can try by accessing windows troubleshooter to see if windows detect any errors: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4028430/windows-10-use-a-fix-it-tool Please provide us error code if error occurred.

    You can also try the diagnosis tool on MyAsus app. https://www.asus.com/support/FAQ/1038549/ Please also provide us error code if error occurred.

    Lastly, it will be helpful if you can provide us more detail on what applications or actions that will cause laptop to freeze.


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    Hi. I get no error code or messages from either checks.

    The last time that it froze with the screens ON I had google chrome open with two tabs open and it was sitting on my desk for like 35 minutes without moving the mouse or touching the keyboard or track pad.

    Other times the computer sleeps because I do not interact with it but then it freezes up after because I can see the screens come back on but they are just black with nothing on them and the computer will have no response to the touch pad, screentourch or keyboard.

    Other times while watching something on netflix or hulu in full screen mode the screens go dark and unresponsive.

    Power settings are default have not changed anything in regards as to what it does plugged in or unplugged.

  • Hi @TitanZen Does it froze while notebook is charging (plugged) or unplugged? And is there any symptom of notebook overheating? Thanks!

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    Hi @AnthonyLee_ASUS This happens plugged & unplugged but mostly while plugged in since my unit is stationary. Notebook is not overheating fans operating normal and turbo mode works too and the unit surface does not feel hot when it freezes.

    As of now It has not frozen on me yet. When I made the initial post I started using it without my mouse to see if that is the cause of the problem. The moment it happens I will post again that it froze.

  • @TitanZen okay, we will wait for your update. Thanks!

  • Hello @AnthonyLee_ASUS hope you are well. Ok update. I had to reset my OS once again 5/31/2020. The laptop did not freeze while testing my no mouse scenario but all of a sudden I got a pop up message window saying that I had not set up a default program for email services. Then it would tax my cpu that would make the machine very unresponsive. Tracking down what was affecting the computer was a task called COM Surrogate linked to a dllhost file. After the rest the message was gone and it seemed to be operating normally. That until today sometime this morning actually. I had a software running on my machine that deep scans a hard drive to try and recover files. That was the only app running I left on last night and I had switched my power settings to not go to sleep so that the scan could be ready this morning when I get to it. The machine was frozen one again with the screens on this time the right side of the pc was hot 🔥. You could feel it on the frame. The recovery software I was using is called EaseUS Data Recocery and I did not have a mouse connected. Upon powering down and restarting my bottom screen wallpaper was not correct when that happens I have noticed that the computer will continue to have constant problems

    Needless to say this unit is plauged with something for this many resets since I got it. And I havent really been able to use it for my intended purpose.

  • Hi @TitanZen, we would need you to run and confirm below points:

    1. Go to MyAsus and run Asus Diagnostic Tool to check especially hard disk and RAM have any issue
    2. How did you restore the system previously? Is it only the C drive (keep the D drive data) or did you clean up all the hard disk partition (format hard disk)?
    3. Do you have any antivirus program in your notebook?


  • Hello @AnthonyLee_ASUS

    Here is the diagnostic check results.

    The resets were done using the windows reset option. This second to last reset was done using the bizcom-us.com recovery media(usb) purchased. This link was found within ASUS website with a simple Google search.

    This unit came with no D drive partition for any recovery files. So the reset would use the entire C drive.

    This unit has been using the anti-virus it was shipped with from factory. McAfee

  • Hello TitanZen,

    Sorry for our late reply.

    Please kindly send your device to service center for further examination.

    Thank you.

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