Max Pro M1 "Night-Light, Vibration" under Android 10

I have performed a manual upgrade of Android 10 by downloading the stable firmware from ASUS website, copied to phone internal memory. System detected the update. Post successful update, i performed full reset of my phone to start afresh. I have noticed 2 things till date:

  1. Night-light mode doesn't turn off automatically after sunrise. I have to turn off manually which was not in the case of previous version of android. Also, if i turn off manually, then after sunset it won't turn on.
  2. I have disabled vibration in every sound profiles. I also turned off everything under "Vibration and haptic strength" (Settings->Accessibility->Vibration and haptic strength->All options turned off). But when i unlock my phone using double-tap gesture, the phone vibrates which was not in previous version of Android. Any other setting to turn it off?


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