Asus zenfone max pro 1 is not charging. (However, In switch off mode, it is charging but very slowly

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(Asus adaptor ) Adaptor and cable checked. Also checked with changing the adaptor and cable.

Using laptop, also checked.

Factory reset done. No external applications on the phone.

It was charging normally yesterday. But today is even doesnot detect charging. But in switch off mode, it is charging with the same adaptor and cable but slower speed.

Kindly help. Thank you for your help in advance.


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    The same happened to me today it was fine before and all of sudden I can't charge the phone when is on but the charger is recognized when phone is in off position. I'm using the stock charger but I have also tried different chargers and cables. After the last update I got a chrome issue which I have take care of by removing updates. Now this Asus please help.

    1. Model Name: MAX PRO M1 (ASUS_X00TD)
    2. Firmware Version: PKQ1.WW_phone-16.2017.2004.063-20200407
    3. Rooted or not: NOT
    4. Frequency of Occurrence: I can't charge my phone So ?
    5. APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app):

  • Hi, we suggest you to please visit the nearest ASUS service center for better assistance once they open in your area post lockdown. Locate here :

  • RyzenRyzen Level 1

    even Im facing the same problem I think it is a software problem , I am waiting for the update in which asus fixes the slow charging issue, and get the phone back to rapidly charging😅

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    Even Im facing the same problem for ASUS Zenfone MAX PRO M1.

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    its the charging cable issue. just fixed.

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