Problem in Max Pro M1

Pubg not working properly hd graphics not available

Heating issue

Battery draining

Brightness level very low


  • Hi dinkarks321,

    Pubg not working properly hd graphics not available:

    Please provide your firmware version: Settings > About phone > Build number.

    Heating issue: About overheat when gaming, and device heating issue in regular use, we suggest that you avoid running apps that may use much memory for a long time, for example, 3D games and video.

    Also, it's recommended that do not use your phone/tablet while it is charging.

    Please also try removing the background apps in recent app list, and check again.

    Please also check if this behavior appears in safe mode: How to Enter and Exit Safe Mode on Android phone ? | Official Support | ASUS Global

    For more information on improving the overheating behavior:

    If the problem still appears, please tell us:

    • Which zone is heating up (back/upper/middle/lower)
    • The app/ app version you're using
    • Were you using the app and charging at the same time? Or only charging? Only using the app?
    • How much is the ambient temperature when this appears
    • About how much is the temperature of the phone

    Battery draining:

    Is the battery drain problem appearing in use or sleep mode?

    To monitor the battery usage, please go to Settings>>Battery>>More>>Battery usage, and stop or reinstall the high battery usage apps.

    These are our suggestions to improve the battery drain problem:

     These are our tips to maintain a healthy battery using habit: 

    If your phone is over one year of use, you may go to service center to check the battery health (life cycle remain), and check if replacing a new battery is needed.

    Brightness level very low: At which brightness level is it low? 

    Thank you 🙂

  • Hi dinkarks321,

    Please check your inbox for a message I have sent you. 

    Thank you 🙂

  • Hi dinkarks321 ,

    An updated Android 10 version WW-17.2017.2006.429 has been released.

    PUBG HD & high frame rate had been added.

    You may manually download from our website:

    Thank you and have a nice day 🙂

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