Mobile Desktop Dock - problem .

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My Asus Rog Phone 2 (TencenT Games) 12 GB RAM 512 Memory

Mobile Desktop Docking Station ZS600KLD.

I connect the phone to the device, it does not respond. Like it doesn't work. And not a single light burns.

The adapter came to the phone. 30W

What can I do?


  • You are using the 30W adapter that came with the product?

    If yes, then please update your phone to 2204.60 while it is not connected to the dock. Once updated, reconnect it to the dock and leave it until the dock begins working normally.

    If you perform these steps and the dock does not begin working correctly or you have already updated the phone, please take a picture of the dock with the phone attached so that we can see the screen while it's turned on.

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