ROG 2 Heats up to 41 to 42* Celsius and shuts down while Playing games



  • It happens with me too. My game freeze or it restart itself when the temp becomes 42+ every single game. And mods are not responding to my post. Nice nice. Well done asus team. 39k wasted on this device. Mods will only say take it servicing centre. This only happen only while gaming and only after update of A10

  • I'm having the exact same problem. I don't game that much but something as simple as watching videos or just merely updating my apps, causes the phone to heat to 40 degrees C and shut down. I even notice charging with the 30 watt charger that was designed for this phone shutting the phone down. It's almost as if the temperature sensor in the phone went to shit and is now triggering at a lower temperature setting then intended (almost like what a GFI plug does when its worn out by tripping the circuit at lower then intended amperage draw). I don't know if I'm on the new update for this phone but something in the software or, worst yet, the hardware is causing the temperature sensor to shut down the phone way sooner then it was originally designed to do.

    Apart from "bring it to the service center" response I've seen everywhere, is there a way I can change the temperature limit to when the phone's safety shuts off happens due to overheating? For my use, I feel like if I just raise the temperature limit to 50 degrees C then these shut down problems won't occur as frequently.


  • I don't think so because from my experience I can say that the threshold temp has been decreasing slowly. First it would shut down at 42°c slowly it has been reduced to around 37°C . Plus I am on A9 which has better thermals than A10 (A10 has slight heating issue) still the issue triggers at around 37,38°C. So service centre is the only option :-(

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