No Airtel vowifi support/wifi calling

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  1. Model Name:max pro m1 zb 601 kl
  2. Firmware Version:.63
  3. Rooted or not:no
  4. Frequency of Occurrence:always
  5. APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app):

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There is no airtel vowifi support in max pro m1.....plzz enable it


  • HI There, Even i am created a id for myself into this site just to know when they will enable wificalling for airtel sime for max pro m2. i had purchased m2pro a year back. Inside my hose, Airtel signal is weak. I need airtel sim because when i travel abroad, they are the ones who have tieups with most countries and give me sms support . At the same time, bak home, very poor signal inside the home These days, even i am not receiving calls if i have the phone in my living room. When i contacted Airtel, they says, they have enabled wifi calling from there end and it is upto the phone manufacturer to enable i. Asus is taking so much time to enable this. I dont even need Android 10, atleast this wificalling feature if they can send it as a patch will be of great help. Since the phone is hardly a year old, reluctant to change the phone . Or should i shift my house 🙄

  • We are asking this feature for many months. It's quite has no chance in getting this feature for another 3 or 4 months.

    Finally I got Vowifi or wifi calling for Airtel through custom ROM in Max pro M2 .

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    Yeah asus is so house ok coverage not extraordinary I need wifi calling....

  • Hi SIr, Can you pls explain how u enabled it through CUSTOM ROM. I am not a geek and may need a more elaborate explanation. If i can also enable through the same method you used. Infact, i created a logi for myself jus to get updates over when this feature can be enabled in my Maxpro m2. i dont even need android 10. this feature will be enough. ALso, anyidea on whether this feature will be availabl as part of Android 10 ?.. pls help in that CUSTOM ROM

  • Install Pixel experience ROM through any Recovery

    (Note it will void your device warranty)


    Unlock boot loader

    Install custom recovery (TWRP recommend)

    Flash Pixel ROM

    Clear cache and data partition

    Just check for Google for brief detail for all these steps

    Pixel ROM has build in VoLte , VoWifi(Wifi calling) , Native Video calling(VILTE) working for all operators(Which ever operator it for launched). Even no update is needed for any future launch also.

  • Hi there, we understand the importance of the feature you have inquired about. It would be highly appreciated if you could cooperate with us until there is an announcement on our official channels for the same.

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    I hope u guys will enable it..if not..I have to change my device

  • I am in desperate need of this feature, when can we expect this to be enabled?

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    @vckanandvpp Can you help me with enabling Wifi Calling for Airtel in PE+ on Max Pro M2? I've enabled it in the settings, but it still doesn't work.

  • As still Airtel Wifi calling is not supported officially for the device , you need to insert the sim into a officially supported devices and call customer care to activate wifi calling , then insert back to your device. That's how it will work. Settings and activation has to be done from both operator and device owner.(In some cases like mine , it is automatically activated). Make sure you are having 249 and above plan . Else Airtel money suckers will not support you.

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