Phone 6Z is dead.

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I Purchased 6Z looking at company's strong technical expertise. But from very first month phone gives the same experience. It gets dead suddenly. And may be start after some hrs. from 3 to 80 hrs.

In first month I reported & get the hand set replaced from Flip cart as per offer.

But now this hand set is also giving me same trouble.

Due to lock down your service center is also closed (although all other shops are opened by order)

What I should do? Now a days we all are become dependent on phone ; especially in this lock down.

My all work ability is hampered.


  • My 6Z hand set is in Warranty period. I want permanent solution.

    This problem is so sudden that it may stop working at any time, may you are busy in any important work.

  • Sorry to hear that but Taking ur device to nearest service centre is the only option i can say after reading ur above discription after lockdown period is over also i would suggest try calling service centre by getting there private number and see if they can do anything for you if its too uegent


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