Camera flicker

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My front camera flickers and is discolored (please don't ask me what color because I'm colorblind 🙂) but whenever I video chat it's very annoying. The person I'm talking to asks why is your camera flashing and flickering. Can anyone help?


  • BrunoF20BrunoF20 Level 3

    It's a Zenfone 5, 5Z, 5Q...?

    What firmware are you using? .46, .70?

    It happens when you record a clip with PixelMaster (official camera app), or other video chat apps that are not this you're complaining?

    ...what color flickers? (I'm kidding. xD)

  • 5z. I don't know what firmware is or how to check. I usually video chat through Google duo but it happens on FB messenger also while video chat. Thank you for your help

  • BrunoF20BrunoF20 Level 3

    Settings>System>About the device

    It's under software info.

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