Right trigger flickering

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Right trigger is flickering like crazy while playing games. Help


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  • Help????????????

  • Mods will he chilling home during weekends. For me flickering goes after I turn off and On the AirTriggers feature during the game. Try once

  • I regret buying this phone every fucking day. Thanks for your help though.

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    I regret buying this phone too all of Asus team is probably focused on getting rdy for the rog phone 3 they don't have time for rog 2 problems. I barely dropped my phone once and I thought the flickering was from that but it was on carpet. Glad to know I'm not the only one with this fuckin problem it really turns me off of playing games that I usually would play alot. Let me know if there's ever a real solution

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    We're aware of this issue and are investigating. I've sent you guys a PM as well. (Envelope icon in the top right corner.)

  • Guys facing a lot of issue of trigger. Right trigger starts flickering while playing the game @Asus Rog ll would really want you to find a solution for this.

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