Yellow pics from both front and rear camera in asus 6z

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edited September 2020 in ZenFone 6

Hi Folks,

when i click photos from front camera, the picture color is coming as yellow , ideally it should be normal white.

Also, when i click photos from the rear camera in night(without flash), again photos are coming in yellow color even though the room tube light color is white. There is no problem during sunlight from the rear camera, meaning the picture color is normal.


  • Attach some screen shot to help MODS understand well

  • If you're seeing the same behaviour in other camera apps, then you have a hardware issue. You can try to longpress your camera icon, enter app info and clear storage. This will reset your camera app and maybe solve the issue but only if this is software.

    If nothing works, then you can always try a factory reset but you will most probably have to send it for repair

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