URGENT: Finger print unlock. Issue unresponsive black screen

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Having repeated issues since the final update to A10 didn't exist in previous betas.

The screen will go completely black failing to unlock the phone. Or it will be stuck on a black screen with an unresponsive fingerprint icon.

Sometimes. Swiping up will get me to the home screen. But you can tell something screwy is going on.

You see a split second dim the screen go black. I split second of the lock screen background with the fingerprint icon. you see the pin entry keypad pop up for a split second. Then the screen goes black. Then shows the home screen.

or the phone will be completely unresponsive and only come down power button long enough for the power down prompt to query.

Seems to be an issue with the fingerprint system interfacing with the security. As using Google's "Hey Google" is receiving interference from the fingerprint screen not able to complete its tasks.

Like I said this issue did not exist in any of the previous betas. Nor am I excited to factory reset the phone. As the final release candidate didn't even make an attempt to restore anything from any backup. (Google or local)


  • This only happens with a fingerprint unlock? What happens if you use a PIN to unlock the phone?

    I can understand your reluctance to factory reset, as the process of restoring the phone is time consuming, but in this case that might be your best bet. If the phone is not useable currently and it was created by an update, a factory reset should most likely resolve it.

  • After rereading, I can see that the PIN screen is also not useable. In this case I would recommend factory resetting. If possible, try recovering your data via a PC before this to make the restore process less of a problem.

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    Pin screen works fine every time.


    New issues...

    Had the charger plugged in, about 10 secs after I unplugged it, the phone said to use the fan accessory that came with the phone.

    couple hours later I took a nap, woke up and the phone was completely unresponsive. black screen. slow blinking yellow light. power button did nothing. ending up holding down power and vol down for about 15 seconds. my bluetooth watch didn't disconnect from the phone until after the 15 secs. so it was still on, just stuck.

    Checked both usb c ports, they are free and clear (I thought maybe some junk got in there bridging some pins, nope)

    I didn't get a photo of the screen off with a blinking yellow light. As it would have been an insult on the communities intelligence. (or I it could have been that I didn't think about it. You pick :P )

  • I think Anders had a workaround for the "Please use the cooler fan" warning message, but I can't remember what it was unfortunately.

    Regarding the rest, if you keep seeing strange behavior like that I would double down on my recommendation to back up all of your data and perform a factory reset. This sounds like something in the last update dorked your phone's software ecosystem.

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    Sure thing. Ill give it a go my friend. Ill let you know. PS. my volume buttons are acting weird as well. they get EXTREMELY hard to push. like they are stuck up. then when you rock them back and forth a bit. they loosen up again for a while, then when it sits it goes back to stuck up. Have you heard of anyone else having that issue?

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