Strange PUBG bug

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Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:

  1. Model Name: Max Pro M!
  2. Firmware Version: .63
  3. Rooted or not: No
  4. Frequency of Occurrence: Every time
  5. APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app): PUBG

In addition to information above, please also provide as much details as you can, e.g., using scenario, what troubleshooting you've already done, screenshot, etc.


So i am facing the issues which is very strange.. whenever i am in a pubg match and as soon as I engage with an enemy my controls stuck and screen becomes unresponsive for at least 4-5 seconds and game is running. This only happens when an enemy is in front of me. I have reinstalled pubg numerous time and also reset the phone once. Can anybody help me out?


  • The Same Bug Has happened to me.....


  • My internet connection is good and this bug happens 99% of the time..

  • What is your ping in pubg??

    Which server your playing?

    Are you using mobile data or wifi through broadband?

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    Ping is mostly around and lower than 100 with mobile data and wifi both.

    Server is Asia

  • Its a bug from pubg it self because some pubg player have the same issues like us.

  • I think bcz of lockdown the internet connection is very slow so that this happen

  • BlueHuntBlueHunt Level 3

    Being a pubg player playing over broadband wifi in Asia with ping less than 50, I can tell this bug started happening just after the 0.18.0 update and I used to face the same and many other friends of mine too.

    What I did to fix the issue by doing the below mentioned steps ->

    Go to settings -> apps & notification -> tap on all apps -> scroll down to PUBG app.

    Tap to open the PUBG app settings -> click on force close -> tap on storage -> tap on "Clear Cache", then tap on "Clear data".

    Now wait for sometime and when data shows as zero, come back to home screen and restart your phone.

    Once restart is done, simply open the PUBG, and accept terms and conditions and then choose your login info such as Facebook or Twitter or Google as per your login information

    Once done, your profile will show up in the lobby. Then go to PUBG settings and tap on "Basic* then your options such as Peek & fire as per your choice.

    Then select Graphics and select Smooth Graphics and Frame rate as High.

    Then check on other settings such as quick scope etc (sensitivity and controls remain same as those settings are already linked with your id).

    Finally, scroll down to that settings page and go to "Downloads" and Download all the resource packs and other maps available in there.

    Once all Downloads are completed, simply restart the game and everything will be smooth as butter.

  • Didn't I mentioned that I have reinstalled the game several times.. how will doing this make any difference?

  • BlueHuntBlueHunt Level 3

    I think when I replied the same above, that time I didn't see that information where you mentioned that you reinstalled the game numerous times.

    Well, if thats the case, then there's no other option left for you as those steps I mentioned above, I did the same and the lagging issue got fixed for me which started happening after 0.18.0 update of PUBGM.

    Though you haven't mentioned your Max Pro M1 RAM variant, it could be an issue happening to you due to other factors as well like network stability or your settings in the game which might be causing heating during playing.

  • I don't think it's a lag issue cuz the game works fine but controls get stuck..

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    Yeah, I face the same with my Max Pro M2 also even I have 6gb variant and these mid range Asus phones are just crap for games like PUBG where during the most intense fighting moments, your phone wouldn't help you at all.. Many times, I don't know why, my gyroscope starts acting strange that my ADS starts shaking very very abnormally and annoyingly that you could have killed an enemy running through open field but I miss those fires just because my gyroscope starts shaking towards wrong side. This doesn't happen all the time but happens few times if you play 10 matches in a day. Full bekar phn h yeh. 😣😣

  • I already said that it is a bug from pubg mobile itself bcause my friend using realme and oppo have the same problem like we did

  • Bro just change your graphics to l smooth and frame rate high, even if that doesn't work lower the frame rate and clean up your game cache, I used the same model and had same problem, the problem is with the games details, they take up some time to render and slow internet adds to that. It will keep on happening inspite of having fast internet connection I use wegame to cleanup phone junk I log in through wegame Ahmed game runs smooth

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