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  1. System: Win 10 1909
  2. Battery or AC: AC
  3. Model: FX504GM
  4. Frequency of occurrence: Always, All games
  5. Reset OS: Yes
  6. Screenshot or video:
  7. Bios: v308


Detailed description:

I'm using a FX504GM (i5 - 8300H / GTX 1060). My problem is CPU Power limit throttling. (ALL PC Games, 25W)

Reinstalled windows and all drivers updated. but still throttling. Fan overboost mode is useless.


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    Hi @S.H

    Based on the information you provided, your CPU already perform at its highest performance (you can see from the "clocks" section). The power is not the indicator of CPU performance. Do you encounter any issues while playing games (such as lagging, fps drops, or crash)?


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    Yeah, I've been Suffering for 2 years because of Insane Frame Drops.

    I tried to get rid of this problem for two years after purchasing this laptop, But it didn't go away at all.

    i5 - 8300H CPU TDP is 45. Why this laptop cannot exceed 25W Package power useage?

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    Yeah, Unstable fps and sometimes CPU clock goes down(3900 to 1700)

    I've been suffering from this problem for 2 years.

    So I have replaced the MB of this laptop. but it didn't work.

    I think, CPU don't use more than 25W under GPU load

    Why this laptop cannot use more than 25w?

    Please get rid of this problem.

  • Hi @S.H, may I know how many hours of game play before issue occurs? We suggest you to enhance your heating radiation (ex: cleaning fan, elevate your laptop to give a room to circulate air, or cooling fan). 25W is power "battery" consumption, so this is not the indicator of your CPU or GPU performances. Thank!

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    Thanks to reply @AnthonyLee_ASUS .

    Yesterday I replaced thermal compound (ZF-Extreme 14.6W/m*K) and cleaned the cooling fans. but same results.

    And I ran CPU-Z stress test and OCCT GPU test.(immediately after boot and change Fan overboost mode)

    CPU tests works fine. but while GPU load, CPU clocks down(Power drops to 25W).

    I think this problem is Bios and EC firmware or Keyboard hotkey driver)

    Other forums also discussing this problem.

    I 've trided everything but it didn't change.

    Please solve this problem.

  • Hi @S.H yes, we found that the CPU is fine. However, we would like to asks few questions:

    1. Did run any program during the tests above? Or you only set the computer idle during the tests?
    2. We would like to see more test results when you are playing a game, especially the GPU tests result as well.
    3. How many hours of game play before issue occurs? And does it happen to all the games you're playing, or only on a particular game?

    Thank you!

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    1 .Yes idle test(After boot)

    2 . This is the result of GPU test.

    ▲Yes. it works fine. (GPU test)

    but both stress test result is not fine......

    3. I just start games, and It happened. (All games)

  • Hi @S.H thanks for the test result. We have report this issue to our technical support group. Does the CPU drops happen when it reaches around 80 degrees? If you're not sure, please keep track of the temperature before drops happen. Thanks!

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