Battery draning in zenfone5z

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Battery draning fast in my zenfone5z . I charged my phone to 100% and put it on sleep mode . Battery % continuously fall down . In night it drain upto 20% and above . I am facing this problem for some days . Restricted all backgrounds apps but problem is not solve .


  • Yes, thats right even i am facing this issue.

    I dint understand why Asus is not addressing our issues. Very bad after sales service.

  • Hi, you may try and recalibrate battery:

    To recalibrate battery, charge your phone to 100% without interruption.

    then discharge it normally till 0%(phone gets switched off).

    charge it to 100% in switched off condition and keep it in that state for a little more time.

    now switch on your phone in charged condition and unplug when ASUS logo appears.

    keep the phone unused for 5 mins.

    you will get far better battery life as the battery stats.bin file will be updated.

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