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Detailed description:I just recently purchased an open box zenbook from bestbuy and when i got home the previous owner was still logged into windows. I obviously dont have a password. When i try and reset the computer it ask for a recovery key but i dont have it so i cant reset it. Any idea on what to do?


  • Hi @agvshunasty can you provide the screenshot of the page where they ask for the password? Thanks!

  • OK, so i have updated info. I found out yesterday that one of the drives was locked with bit locker by the previous owner. I ended up re-installing windows from a USB so i'm actually using the computer now but the drive(Drive D) is still locked by bit locker. the only issue i'm having now is with the touch screen. I can move the cursor with the touch screen but all it has been showing is a sideways picture of what is on my main screen. And is there a list of all the drivers that need to be installed and maybe an automatic installer, I've gotten the WiFi and 1 other driver installed from windows power shield but not others. This is my first time having to re-install windows from a USB and my computer knowledge is minimal so i appreciate all the help i can get. Thank you.

  • I have experienced with Bitlocker feature , once i enabled and disabled . there are two types of bitlocker feature.

    1. only Operating system disk can be locked with Bitlocker , say disk no 0 with 4 partitions .
    2. Only operating system C partition can be locked in this case , we can use other partitions with recovery key.
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    Hi @agvshunasty If it 's locked by bit locker, please refer to this link to find bitlocker password: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4530477/windows-10-finding-your-bitlocker-recovery-key .

    If it doesn't work, you will need to bring your notebook to repair center. Please refer to the link below to find the nearest service location:

    Thank You!

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