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Hi, do any of you have the issue of camera come loose frequently? Because mine, does it always when i have it in my pocket and i hear the crackling sound of it in every step i take! Its really annoying and i have to hit the retract button every time for it ti stop athough is well calibrated!

Thanks in advance.


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    It happens with me also. If I'm walking & wearing loose pants then only walking movements loosens the camera when phone is in my pocket. It happens very frequently. Even with slight movements camera comes loose. Please look into it @Anders_ASUS .Please at least tell if it's an issue with my phone's hardware or is it a common concern but probably not big enough for people to pay attention.

  • Ok there is at least one more with the same problem! Yeah if there is any advice on this will be really appreciated.

    Lately instead of clicking the retract button i found an at least, coolest way to retract the camera whenever this happens... Holding the phone in my palm, i thrush it intentionally, like i want to smash it on the floor, so it retracts back but its just cooler like that... Plus...its kind of an anger releaving that way :)

  • dt808dt808 Level 2

    yes it happens to my phone too. just walking around with it in my pocket can shake the camera loose.

  • It can happen with all ZenFone 6 to some degree but I can't say if you camera is more lose than what's considered normal. My own camera will only come loose if I start running/dancing. If you suspect that your device is worse than others, then contact your local support to have them investigate it.

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