My Q302LA doesn't like any os

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  1. System: Asus Default Win8.1 / upgraded to Win10Pro ( clean install )
  2. Battery or AC: yep
  3. Model: Q302LA
  4. Frequency of occurrence: Every time
  5. Reset OS: twice on Win8.1 / 3x on Win10Pro
  6. Screenshot or video: think a video would be too large


Detailed description:I would like to preface my issue by saying that I really do like this 2-in-1 and am more interested in breathing life back into it that giving it up.

The initial intent of the purchase was to support my Dad who just bought a 1st gen Microsoft Surface Pro, but would also be something I could use at work and not have to haul the issued desktop replacement Dell Precision M6600 - or what I used to affectionately called the beast, going from site to site. Apologies, I digress.

Suffice it to say that, my preference to stay true to the 302s heritage did not prove well. After several attempts at a clean install of the vendor provided Win8.1 AND Win10Pro, once either os and drivers were installed it seems as though the 302 gets caught somewhere in the startup process.

Could use some help on how to proceed because I did download / install a tool that would let me watch what's happening during startup, but that only seem to irritate the 302 and make it worse.


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