My VivoBook 14 reaches 100°C when charging

swarajrajpureswarajrajpure Level 1
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I'm having ASUS VivoBook 14 X412FJ with Windows 10 64-bit.

When I plug in the charger, even without any starting any application, it reaches around 100°C. I read in ASUS FAQ that updating BIOS might help. I had BIOS version 302 earlier, I checked for the latest version and it was 305, installed it but then my laptop would constantly go in deadlock, I remember it ran into deadlock for 4 times in half an hour immediately after updating the BIOS. So I'm on 304 now, at least now my laptop is functioning as it is supposed to, but I cannot use it while it charging! Also, when it's not charging now, I'm just using Firefox, its Core temp is showing around 50°C.

Its been just 3.5months since I've bought it! Please help!


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