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Recently or just today my speaker grill at the top peeled off by itself I didn't peel it off or something like that is there anyway to fix this without giving it to any nearby service centers because there's a pandemic going on.

Thank you in advance


  • Hi psryan26

    I hope everything is safe and sound there. Due to spread of COVID-19, our services are affected as certain cities are under enhanced community quarantine. If you have urgent cases need to be dealt with, please contact the service center nearest to you using their contact information below for their business hours before your visit.

    Kindly contact ASUS repair center in the country of your residence:

    Or call us:

  • My front, top and bottom speaker grill fell off just a few months after I bought this phone. There are several users who have reported the same issue in XDA and this forum too. I had to wait for months to get a reply. They replied after a lockdown finally. What can be done now? Nothing. This is a design failure from Asus. What were they thinking.

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    Except mine is 1 years old now. The bottom speaker grill of my ROG Phone seems pretty secured and won't fall out any soon but idk about the top the only way to fix it is probably giving it to a nearby service center.


    Mine fell out on the 1st week of the phone.

    Was pretty pissed, as it stuck to my hat, which was in the same pocket... yay winter.

    To use a "double sided adhesive tape" to glue stuff on the phone is like: what the were you even thinking while designing.

    I mean it should have been a "premium" gaming phone.

    NOT a cheap, "we do not care" phone.

    With the lack of support and the glued parts, it feel's like the cheap counterpart of this phone.

    Certainly not a 1000$ flagship phone.

    But hey, still loving the display, even though it might be the next one, that get's itself de-glued from the phone.

  • my speaker bar can't disappear by itself. How is the solution?

  • It's not speaker bar/unit, it's just the grill. I was informed that I should pay for it. I told them to kiss my ahemmm...

  • Update: Now my bottom speaker grill fell out seriously all of the phones I owned this Phone has the worst implementation of speakers.

  • Hi, welcome to Asus family. Apparently Asus can't do anything about this. You have to pay to get this fixed, even though it's a fault with the design of the phone. They don't have to the speaker grill in stock. You'll have to provide your phone to the nearest service center and it will take 60-90 days for it to get fixed. This is what I was told. I told them to F-off.

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