Gcam not working after upgrading android 10


  • Hi samipsurya,

    Is that your model ZB601KL and firmware is WW-17.2017.2004.424?

    Could you please provide your Gcam version and the detail about the app doesn't work?

  • samipsuryasamipsurya Level 1

    Gcam version 7.3.020

    Of arinova8G2beta

    Please fix the Google camera problem.all modes are not working in Google camera.

  • Hi samipsurya,

    Google Camera is only officially supported on Google's Pixel devices.

    Since Google camera is not officially supported on ZB601KL, we are sorry to say that we cannot provide verification tests to ensure app stability on our ZB601KL system.

    We apologize for any inconvenience caused. Thank you for your patience and continued support for ASUS!

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