Asus but what did you do !!!! ¡¡¡¡ (Asus ZenFone max/pro/plus m1/2 soon for plus m2 we can't know)

ahmetseahmetse Level 1
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We can't say this phone is from Asus this phone is from Google why I say that because launcher is from Google UI is from Google so the phone is not an Asus phone but a Google phone a bit disappointing from asus me who has a lot of Asus brand devices

The developers version of Android 10 is good, but yes this famous but... this is not the Android 10 interfaces the clock in the bar is against in the right the adjustment button is no longer here, full of something else missing, hope the final version is not disappointing the new gesture style is here this is very good but it's turn with the screen this is not good

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