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    hi iam also facing this issue. as every one mentioned here its a software bug that messed up the camera. i have question to everyone "does reverting back to previous os such as pie or oreo fix this issue? had anyone tried to fix this by installing a custom rom like that.

    I know that asus will not support/encourage, installing a custom rom in their official forum here, but they are not helping their customers in either way also. Someone mentioned earlier that it can be fixed by a new camera module that cost rs 6000 in India. Why should we pay for that? asus update has broken it so its their responsibility to fix this. If this is the way asus deal with their loyal customers then i must say that In future we must invest our money in some other brand. I know that no phone is perfect but atleast they will not disappoint their customers as ASUS always does with their software support. If it was apple they would have faced heavy lawsuit across other countries. There are lot of issues that is not fixed till now and iam also facing this issue as mentioned by someone in this thread https://zentalk.asus.com/en/discussion/40730/display-become-unresponsive-during-double-tap-to-turnoff-while-on-a-call#latest.

    Iam not filing any lawsuit against anyone but this is my last asus product. So iam asking "did anyone fixed this issue with the help of downgrading os/ installing custom rom?"

    [Iam not that good in technical things such as rooting/ downgrading os/ installing custom rom etc so please guide me if it solves this issue]


  • Well, apparently I got everything changed in my 5z (exept my front camera) from lcd panel to battery, from motherboard to camera to subboard to flex cables and antenna cables too. So this was appearing in me also. It was not blurry, it was like the camera was smudged up, so I got my back panel removed assuming it will solve the problem. But the issue was persistent. Until I got my camera changed and the max quality i could get is posted below.

    This is like just 3 metres away from me. It is all grainy, smudged up. Try to zoom the picture and read out what's written below 12. Not even readable.

    And take a look at this 👇

    This is a year ago, was taken from like 30000 feet and still the image maintains the resoltion on even maxxed out zoom. Even my moms samsung galaxy note 9 failed here to take this kind of photo(atleast when i was using it)

    So yes, it is true the picture quality has degraded and has something related to software. As I know, I've got my camera changed.


  • Zenfone 5z camera autofocus is Not working from last 2 month .please fix this issue.

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    Asus has issued a repair notice for the camera issue. The problem is with the hardware. They changed my camera module at no cost. Please report to service centre and get in touch with the customer care executive

  • Where has asus issued the repair notice? Can you help me find it?

  • Same issue with my wife's zenfone 5z.

    Issue: blurry surroundings of images and no correct focus on main camera, ultrawide was useable.

    Seeing that the issue didn't seem solved on this forum,

    Action: I decided to order on Aliexpress a new camera module.

    After replacement, the following happened:

    1) The camera is working good again, the blur effect is gone

    2) An update prompt appeared, that i have ignored.

    Conclusion: Changing the module takes some time but is a good solution to the issue. As it happened after an update, and despite NOT proving any direct cause, I made the decision to no longer update my wife's 5z .

    Request: If there is a firmware update on the camera modules, could Asus please provide either a downloadable older version of the camera software to solve this issue? Or add an older version of the camera software in the next security update?

  • If your camera started to work after module replacement than basically it was hardware problem not software i am using my 5z since 2.5 years now my camera still works great without any issue and i am on latest .110 firmware so i suggest you if your camera is working great now than you can blindly update your 5z to latest firmware i am sure you will not face any issue hereafter😊

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