Zenfone 5z Camera Not FOCUS



  • According to executive of asus's service center this is not a software issue, its rather a hardware issue.

    But I am damm sure that it's a software issue provided by Asus and its responsibility of asus to solve this problem.

    All the people from India please put a mail regarding this issue to asus's .

    Sharing your issues here would not help at all.

    Please mail to asus. That's the only way you can connect with asus and share your problems.

  • Anyone lodges a complaint for this issue in consumer forum?

  • thanks for information

  • Are they charging for this issue?

    Horrible customer relations..

  • Today i got reply from service center, according to them its a hardware issue and i have to pay rs6000 or $81 for changing the camera.

    But, if this issue was only with my phone then i can understand that the problem is with hardware, but all the users of zenfone 5z are facing this issue that too after same software update.

    If it is a hardware problem then it means that asus is using defective products or hardware for its flagship which will be ruined after 2 years of usage.

    Its a request to asus that please fix this issue. We all have got your flagship phone by paying a premium price and this is the flagship experience you are giving us. Please fix this issue.

    If the solution is changing the camera module then its responsibility of asus to change it at their cost.

  • Anyone out here whose camera issue is solved by software update? Please reply fast

    Asus's executives are telling that there are many people whose camera issue is solved by simple software update.

    According to them my camera module is damaged

  • Same camere blur issue I am facing from last week,I don't think it's a hardware issur it must be software related issue Asus pls resolve the problem ASAP

  • Its a scam by asus.

  • Aryan202Aryan202 Level 5
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    Try these two things:

    Shake phone a bit or try hitting "gently" on the area around the camera

    Afaik this happens due to stuck OIS mechanism

  • This is definitely a hardware issue caused by software. Because when I flashed a custom rom the blurred area reduced a little bit when compared with stock rom. Also putting magnet on the camera solves the problem temporarily. This problem is actually very similar to what happened to oneplus 3

  • Fraud Asus, they charged Rs.5000 to replace camera module.

  • I'm worried that if we replace the camera module and same problem starts happening what we're gonna do!

    Has anyone already replaced camera module and running latest Android 10 update? Any issue?

  • Running on latest with Android 10. They had replaced my camera module. No problems so far. All normal.

  • Hey bud! Did you already fixed your Asus camera? Pls inform me we the same problem 🥺

  • Is the main camera blurry issue fixed.

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    It is a hardware problem it is happening because of autofocus mechanism.

    You have to first remove camera glass and gentely shake camera lense and gently press it and check it. I had same issue and it worked fine with me.

    Here are before and after


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    It looks like asus set wrong parameters for camera lens in some of updates and lens are stucked in wrong parameters, also after updates and resets all settings. You needs update system, than reset camera in safe mode than mechanical unlock LENS by hitting to camera to jump in correct and turnable possition. If it unlocks from wrong possition than all works fine but for while and prol¨blem come back again :(

    I love ASUS products but service is horrible.

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