Zenfone 5z Camera Not FOCUS



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    Another victim here. Blurry focus on telephoto lens, Wide angle lens is fine. Stared somewhere 1-2 months ago. Phone has not been dropped ever.

    I think they have a flaky batch of camera modules prone to failure over time. For me, if you smack the top of the phone a few times with your hand (somewhat hard) when its blurry, it will start to focus again for a few days.

    Rebooting in safe mode didn't make a difference when blurry.

    Trying a different camera app from the google play store didn't make a difference when blurry.

  • Same problem here. Downgraded to Android P, same issue. Upgraded to latest firmware, same issue. Asus needs to acknowledge and fix this blurry camera issue. Else they are losing a whole lot of customers- I have had a Zenfone 2, 3 and this 5Z. But no more Asus for me!

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    Today on 2nd of August 2020, I received the new WW_100.10.107.92_20200715 update. The phone had automatically downloaded the package so, in hopes that the camera-issue would be fixed after the new OTA-patch I proceeded with it.

    The camera focus-issue still persists even after the new update. Did ASUS forget to work on the bug, or did they really damage the camera-hardware through a faulty-update before? 😕

    Same here I reckon. No more ASUS products anymore. It's causing too much trouble in my creative business workflow.

  • Same here, I had to stop all my OpenCV programming by this problem. After having a long long conversation with the representative - no immediate fix. Apple fixes and acknowledges their own mistakes pretty fast, Should have bought one in the first place. No Asus phone for my friends and family for a long time now.

  • Current firmware version 20200715 for asus zenfone 5z the issue started with

    Had a telephonic, email conversation they told me no such thing has been reported as of now this was early May with asus representative ..was suggested to visit a service center.

    Did the same, after 2 days I was informed that I'd have to replace back camera module and was quoted a price of something upwards of 5.5k rupees

    When it clearly is a software issue why isn't ASUS acknowledging the


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    Hi friends

    If you have any question after visiting the RCs, and your model has never broken or fallen, please provide me your SN and RMA no. via PM. Thank you.

    For people who is under level 2 and can not send the PM, please @Christine_ASUS in this thread. And I will PM you for further checking.

  • I've been having this problem for almost 2 or 3 months now. I even opened my phone trying to clean the lens from the inside with no luck. Everything is updated in my phone and the problem is still.

    I tried all the solutions that are here and on the web with no luck. my last attempt was opening my phone and cleaning the lens and the back from the inside with a thought that this might be the problem but sadly that wasn't the case.

  • I want to mention that the wide angle camera is working perfectly, but there is no way to make it the default camera lens in all the other apps. So, there is no benefit from that :(

    The problem is only with the main camera .

  • Asus please fix this issue with zenfone 5z now its a matter of shame that you all could not fix a simple software issue in 2 months. We have been reporting about this issue for months and still there is no employ of asus who gives a shit to this issue.

    Seriously we need to boycott asus because this is the after sale service which you give to your customers.

  • Hi friends

    As I mentioned above, please contact ASUS repair center in the country of your residence: https://www.asus.com/support/Service-Center-All-Countries/

    If it is impossible to access the service center during Covid-19 period, please try Call us: https://www.asus.com/support/CallUs

    If you have any problem after visiting ASUS repair center, please provide me your SN and RMA no via PM to avoid any personal information leaking.

  • I am still facing camera issue in my Zenfone 5z. I have also sent a mail to asus but they didn't do anything till now. After a certain software update 2 to 3 months ago. I am facing this problem. Many software updates came after that update but they couldn't fix the problem with camera i have also tried resetting my phone and everything which Asus customer care told. Please solve this issue ASAP because it is causing a lot of problems in day to day life. Using a Phone which takes blurry images is very difficult. The wide angle lens is working absolutely fine but the only problem lies with primary lens it's taking blurry images. I have also attached a sample pic

    @Christine_ASUS @Titan_ASUS @service

  • My Zenfone 5z is taking blurry images @Christine_ASUS @TITAN @service

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    It is worrying how a hardware fault was never detected before release, on a phone which was sold on the promise it has such a good camera :-(

  • I rather believe it is a software issue rather than a hardware one, maybe the repair center can rewrite some code or something else.


    Thank you for your reply. I had written a private message to you on 21st July to understand your situation more, while right now is Covid-19 periods and I know some of you may have difficulty to access the Repair Center. Yet, I haven't gotten any reply from you for more than 2 weeks till today.

    Please check on your inbox and reply me the PM with your SN and other essential information for further checking.

  • Though the issue started after a software update, it wont get fixed with another as the camera hardware has gone defective (pls dont ask me how that is possible). For me the service center replaced the camera module and it worked.

  • If these hardware failures are causing by something in the software update (which sounds like it is)... I hope Asus red flag this issue as critical to correct before more phones get damaged :-/

  • My phone is a ZE620KL and he came back from the service center with the problem of the focus on the main camera solved, but I didn't have access to what was done.

    I see only that it was a downgrade to Android 9, but at the moment my phone is requesting a new automatic update to version V16.0615.2004.126.

    Should I update? Thanks.

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    So many problems comes to us as Asus Zenfone 5z owner. As a flagship phone, i this product was defect and need to recall. And mostly, problems happened after the warranty end.

    Event my Zenfone get hang, Bluescreen and restart itself so many times after fixed by local authorized RC. This is first time I get Bluescreen on smartphone... Hang with a Bluescreen, can you imagine that... 😅

    The Quality of ASUS flagship phone was so bad, really disappointed. The only good things I got from Asus Support was Christine_ASUS, who always try to help me to fix this kind of problems.

    Asus please recall it for your own good...

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