Zenfone 5z Camera Not FOCUS



  • The test indicates that my camera app is launching. However, even in the test, the camera is blurry. Can you suggest how to roll back to older firmware without downgrading Android version.

  • Logically, in my viewpoints, the firmware is designed to be updated from the previous firmware. So you could not just downgrade directly, the downgrade file like A10>A9 or A9>A8 is sort of a rule breaker.

  • What do we do now? Asus seems to have completely ignored the issue even though so many people are complaining. Either the right people aren't getting the information or they chose to ignore. Should I tweet the issue directly to Asus India?

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    Useless they tell you do some stuff and at the end they'll tell you to ask service center.

  • Has anyone tried rolling back to pie?

  • Hi friends

    As I mentioned above, I recently tested several ZenFone 5Z with WW-, the firmware version you reported with issue, yet I didn't encounter any camera focus problem. To diagnose an issue more accurately, sometimes is a personal hardware issue, sometimes is a shared software issue for all, requires more essential information provided by issue reporters. Sending your device to ASUS repair center is a simple way which a pro could diagnose your device in real, but sharing your problem on the forum is a fraternal way which other people with the similar issue could quickly solve their problem, indicating the reason why many people enjoy using ZenTalk.

    Therefore, kindly provide the information below so that we could better assist you.

    # Firmware

    Your current firmware is WW-, the issue appeared from WW-

    > If your device downgrade to the version before V.70, does the issue remain the same?

    Android 10 downgrade to P

    Steps of Update:

    1. Download the firmware to internal storage.

    2. Remove Google Account.

    3. Pull down the quick setting list.

    4. The system will pop up a message which detected a firmware update info.

    5. Execute the downgrade firmware file.

    Please note that once firmware update is completed, all data, apps, settings and personal information will be deleted.

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    @Christine_ASUS same problem occurred on OnePlus 3/3T devices after certain software update which resulted into permanent camera failure. OnePlus declared it as a hardware manufacturing defect and repaired all phones including out of warranty phones. In case of Asus Zenfone 5z, I don't think downgrading firmware to WW- is good idea since the module is already damaged and will take blur photos afterwards. It's just waste of time. This has nothing to do with software update. Atleast we expect from Asus to repair the damaged phones without any service cost for those phones which are already out of warranty. Take your phones to Service Center guys.

    (Hundreds of phones resulting into failed camera module is still a research topic for Asus team. Included thread is from OnePlus community. There are many similar threads on their forum. This thread is for representative purpose only. )


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    I am also facing same issue with my main camera and i downgrade from Android Q to android P to validate the issue. But unfortunately no change in image quality. Main camera still capturing blurry photos after downgrade. Asus need to fix this issue as soon as possible, but on the other side i am agree with Alwyn also. It seems camera module get destroyed.

  • shamed on you asus . cuh

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    I got a call recently from my nearest service center, I said the issue about the camera and said about the suggestions given by the mods in this website. The final answer from them was that it's hardware issue. I asked about the cost of it and they said it's 3.5k it clearly makes sense that they knew such things would happen. I had replaced my display 6 months back and it broke again and I had paid 6k for the replacement. I asked about the current price for replacement and its still the same price! Why does it cost 6k to replace a screen for a 2year old phone? When I bought this it was 37k and they are selling it on Flipkart for 22k right now then why not the repair charges be reduced? Is this what a flagship smartphones owner has to go through? Such poor communication and such poor updates. It's better to buy some budget phone rather than asus.

  • The same issue is with my device, I informed to Asus they give some steps to follow but nothing resolved.

    Very bad services.

  • Asus are you listening a voice of consumer or not? Many users are struggling with camera issue and till date no statement. How is it possible that after FOTA many users facing same issue and now service center is saying it's hardware issue. I think we should start writing these in reviews to stop people buying Asus for their upcoming flagships devices. So later they should not feel cheated like us.

  • Dear friends,

    For all the Zenfone 5Z camera could not focus users, issue appears after system update, please reply the info below and I will forward the information to the relevant department. Thank you.


    1. Current firmware version

    Settings>System>About Phone>Software information

    2. Which camera is blurry in SMMI test?

    ①Front Camera Capture Test ②Wide-angled Camera Capture Test ③Tele Camera Capture Test ④ Other, which?

    3. Blurry pictures taken by issue camera, please note clearly about which camera to which picture

  • wjuwalewjuwale Level 1

    Current firmware version : QKQ1.191008.001.WW_user_100.10.107.87_20200520

    2. Telephoto camera in SMM1


  • AlwynAlwyn Level 2

    Current firmware version : QKQ1.191008.001.WW_user_100.10.107.87_20200520

    2. Issue in Telephoto camera during SMMI test.

    Here's the picture below

  • 1. Current Firmware:

    PPR1. 180610.009.WW_Phone-16.0615.2005.130-0


    Telephoto Camera result is Blurry.

    3. Main camera is blurry. Just like the other users, it only gives clear results when the subject is up close. Wide angle camera is fine.

  • Hi bart.geron

    Thank you for your reply. Since your device is Zenfone 5, kindly refer to the link below

    If the situation remains the same after trying the guide, kindly bring your device to the nearest ASUS repair center: https://www.asus.com/support/Service-Center-All-Countries/

    If it is impossible to access the service center during Covid-19 period, please try Call us: https://www.asus.com/support/CallUs

  • 1. Current firmware version: QKQ1.191008.001.WW_user_100.10.107.87_20200520

    2. Tele Camera Capture Test is blurry.

    3. Tele Camera photo sample:

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    Any news @Christine_ASUS

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