Tuf Gaming 705DT crash/freeze

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I have only owned this laptop for 3 weeks. Right when I recieved it I had to spend 3 hours with Microsoft support to get windows 1909 installed. The thing came with 1809 and was failing to install an update that kept it from progressing. I got that figured out and had to manually update basically every driver in it. BIOS, firmware, GPU, etc... Still the thing crashes/freezes on almost every game I attempt to play. COD, Apex Legends, even something as simple as Stranded or even Pokemon TCG. Have tried every tweak or fix I can find online. Nothing changes.

Also have had it freeze and popup a green screen for a second. Then brown. Then back to where I was and operational. Has happened just sitting at the desktop. Nothing opened.


  • Hello 1 CLAM1,

    So... you update to 1909 with the original OS or you installed a new one?

    So your Windows update wasn't working ? It does not not update drivers for you?

    If you check Windows Update and My ASUS update, are all the updates complete?

    May you double check if your BIOS and VGA driver are up to date?

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