Intel Inc Released Modern Graphics Driver BETA DCH_27.20.100.8236 For Windows10 64bit on 12-05-2020.

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  1. System: Windows 10 64Bit
  2. Battery or AC: Both
  3. Model: X542UQ.309
  4. Frequency of occurrence: Nil
  5. Reset OS: No
  6. Screenshot or video: Nil


Detailed description:

On 12th May 2020, Intel inc released modern graphics drivers (DCH_UMD_IGCC) v27.20.100.8236 only for windows 10 64bit.

On 13th May 2020, I installed this driver by the normal method I used a zipped version file on windows 10 64bit 18363.836.

Supported CPU versions::

On 10th Generation Intel Core, 9th Generation Intel Core, 8th Generation Intel Core, 7th Generation Intel Core, and 6th Generation Intel Core processors, Intel Xeon processors for mobile workstations and related Pentium/Celeron processors.

Supported OS versions::

Microsoft Windows® 10-64 - Fall Creators Update (1709)

Microsoft Windows® 10-64 - April 2018 Update (1803)

Microsoft Windows® 10-64 - October 2018 Update (1809)

Microsoft Windows® 10-64 – May 2019 Update (1903)

Microsoft Windows® 10-64 – November 2019 Update (1909)

I am sharing Generic drivers of the direct downloading links from the intel website.

for end-user consumer

for It professional

for release notes .pdf


* Installing this Intel generic graphics driver will overwrite your Computer Manufacturer (OEM) customized driver. 

* OEM drivers are handpicked and include customized features and solutions to platform-specific issues.

* The generic Intel driver provides users the latest and greatest feature enhancements and bug fixes that OEMs may not have customized yet

 to address platform-specific needs. 

* Users can check for matching OEM versions at OEM websites.

* Any graphics issues found using Intel generic graphics drivers should be reported directly to Intel. 

* Corporate customers should always use OEM drivers and report all issues through the vendor they purchased the platforms and support through.

Highlights of this driver::

** Halo 2: Anniversary* Multiplayer bug fix on 10th Generation Intel Core processors with Intel® Iris Plus graphics.

** Performance Optimizations for Minecraft Dungeons* on 6th Generation Intel Core processors and higher.

Gaming Highlights of this driver::

** Get ready for a legendary multiplayer experience on Halo 2: Anniversary* and Gear up to experience the pulse-pounding action of

   Minecraft Dungeons* on Intel® Iris Plus graphics or better.

** Be sure to check out, where you’ll find recommended in-game settings for your Intel Graphics system for many more

  of your favorite games.

** Get a front-row pass to gaming deals, contests, betas, and more with Intel Software Gaming Access.


* This will remove any OEM customizations.

* If the OEM does not have a DCH driver available

* it’s likely no customizations will be reinstalled by Windows Update after you upgrade to this driver.

* If you experience any issues such as flickering, BSOD, TDR, etc, please reinstall the latest OEM driver.

Developer highlights::

• OneAPI Level Zero Runtime*i pre-production release is now included. Please refer to the specification below.

  OneAPI Specification:

  OneAPI Level Zero Specification:

Known Issues of this release::

##  Intermittent crashes may be seen in*, One Piece Pirate Warriors 4*, Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Breakpoint* (Vulkan),

    Metro Exodus* (DX12) and while launching Sony Catalyst Production Suite.

## Minor Graphics anomalies may be observed in Battlefield V* (DX12).

The supported list of Intel Graphics Processors::

* 10th Generation Intel Core processors with Intel Iris Plus graphics.

* 10th Generation Intel Core processors with Intel UHD Graphics.

• 9th Generation Intel Core processors with Intel UHD Graphics 630.

• 8th Generation Intel Core processors with Intel Iris Plus Graphics 655 and Intel UHD Graphics 610, 620, 630, P630.

• 7th Generation Intel Core processors with Intel Iris Plus Graphics 640, 650, and Intel HD Graphics 610, 615, 620, 630, P630.

• 6th Generation Intel Core processors with Intel Iris Graphics 540, 550, Intel Iris Pro Graphics 580, and Intel HD Graphics 510, 515, 520, 530.

• Intel Xeon processor E3-1500M v5 family with Intel HD Graphics P530.

• Intel Xeon processors with Intel UHD Graphics 630.

• Pentium and Celeron processors with Intel HD Graphics 500, 505.

• Pentium and Celeron processors with Intel UHD Graphics 600, 605.

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1. Upgrading the DCH driver on top of a STANDARD driver is not possible.

2. Upgrading the STANDARD driver on top of the DCH driver is not possible.

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