Asus max pro m2 Boot logo stuck (ZB631KL)

PabelPabel Level 1
edited September 2020 in ZenFone Max Pro Series

Guys, no methods is working. I tried fastboot flashing, minimal adb fastboot method with the help of a friend. No methods is working anymore.😣

the only possibility is, its emmc storage is gone, completely dead. We all have to change motherboard or emmc storage, which is costly. 😭

congratulations to Asus fucking Developers 👏, how many phones u guys just ruined. we lost our money, valuable data, memories, emotions. I am not gonna forgive you guys. You guys should pay for this. 😭

Guys, don't keep quite, show every peoples, how careless they are! Don't recommend Asus my ass product to anyone.😡🤬

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