Headphone Issues with ZenFone 5 ZE620KL

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There's an audio issue which doesn't allows me to have the sound coming from the headphones when they're plugged in. I can listen to multimedia in Spotify, YouTube, etc... However when doing a phone call, WhatsApp audio call or Discord call the sound is still coming from the ear speaker. I've tried factory reset but it didn't work, this started happening a few months ago after an update, I think. I've already contacted to support a few days ago and still waiting for an answer... Any help? Or will this be solved with a future system update? Thank you.


  • Hi ze.resende

    Thank you for asking. Could you provide me which firmware version are you (Setting >System>About Phone>Software information)?

    If you try to update to the latest version, does the issue still remain?

    Also, does the issue happen in cable earphones, bluetooth earphones, or both types?

    Please tell me the brand and model of your headphones that have this problem. Have you tried with the ASUS earphones that came with the phone?

    Do you mean you cannot hear any sound from your headphones, instead it comes out from the earpiece? When during a phone call, can the sound be received normally from your headphones' mic?

    When the problem appears, is the headphones icon shown on the notifications bar after you plug in the headphones?

    Please tell us the app versions of these apps.

  • I have asus zenfone 5za nd same problem is happening with me from last 3/4 months and I did everything..

    My software is up to date

    Factory reset still it is happening

    Give me the solution

  • Hi tanishjain238

    Thank you for your asking. Please refer to my reply above and provide me the answers so that we could better assist you.

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