asus postponed Stable Android 10 update for Zenfone Max pro M1 but Now they are not telling how long

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  • No no it's better if you stop manufacturing such products itself which is waste of time, money and incompetent in the present world . "Asus Sucks"

  • Off course Not ..They have a Good specs Phone under The Bugdet category ,which beats the xiaomi Redmi note 5 Pro at that time. But what to do their Software Development Department should be made Better with people who are not some LAZY SHITS.....WHO ARE AFTER MONEY.

    YESTERDAY I REALIZED THAT MAX PRO M1 HAS REFRESH RATE @60 Hz (Through Antutu Benchmark).Think that a phone launched @2018 Has this kind of specs. I am amazed.

  • I Think maybe we should Give them some more time Maybe they are trying to Give us Bug-Free (SO CALLED STABLE) that users Give them a Hope....I THINK...


  • Every smartphones have 60 hz and other have 90 ,120 ,144 and so on . And yes the Value for money is superb But software update developer

    are Not good

  • I installed android 10 a few days before in Android max pro M1 . But it was a beta ,there is a lot of bugs in it. The software has a brightness problem. Duo app not working and it shows (camera stopped working).

  • That's why Max pro M1 and Max pro M2 are some devices which has the record of highest custom ROM installed before Warranty expires. Generally people will go for custom ROM when the OEM vendor stops providing updates. But many of ASUS users are unlocking boot loaders before the warranty expires.

  • Too many bugs asus get lost ........ Wtf is this quality of asus service

  • The updates for max pro m1&m2 on my thinking it should be released till end of may. Max pro m1 second beta has too many bugs.

  • Phone max pro m1 is very good .. everything is good only camera interface is very bad and glicthy..Camera improve ment is necessary..

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    Camera, brightness, volume issues are there in second beta update. Need stable update ASAP.

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    Guys ...I have seen somany hatred comments about the phone regarding delay in update of Android 10. But have u checked redmi note 5 got any update which was launched in same timeline. Even somany phones of redmi and realme those were launched in 2019 still have update pending till last 2 quaters of this year. How can u all compare a phone of 2018 with 2020 regarding update delay...Next about buges.,Till now my device is smooth and fault less overally . Every Android phone have minor bugs as always..... once u use redmi and realme phone u will know how life sucks using the nonsense devices whose value down in market in just few months due to heavy launch of new phones like vegetables in market. So please stay calm and wait for stable update and don't review on basis of developer beta update version. Asus already admitted that they have problems in this so they need time to fix it. And please don't create any link with Asus like Asus staff and all that.. I'm just a simple user as like u . #stock Android always #Asus Zenfone max pro M1....

  • Yes you can play pubg lite with extreme frame rate... it's too smooth

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