Rog phone 2 not receiving fota PLEASE HELP

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Even after I manually downgraded to android 9 nothing popped up when I did update check. I have the ww_phone software running on my 12/512GB "republic of gamers" elite edition rog 2. I'm also aware that updates are released in waves but even 1 month after the latest update is released I still receive NOTHING ota. Is there anything I can do to remedy this problem myself?


  • If you manually downgraded, that makes sense because all FOTA updates will be for Android 10. If you'd like to get back on the regular upgrade train again, when you reinstall Android 10 the update system should re-add your IMEI to the roster automatically.

    If you do have issues, I believe Anders can manually add you back into the system.

  • Wouldn't I have gotten notifications for a new ota update while I was on 9? Since it Wasn't the latest update? Even before I downgraded I was stuck on WW-17.0210.2001.60. Kept checking since I knew WW-17.0230.2002.32 had been released on April 17th. Finally grew impatient and manually updated to WW-17.0230.2002.32. I downgraded to android 9 a few days later and then back to the latest Android 10. I bought my rog 2 used off swappa on April 29th and it came with WW-17.0210.2001.60 when I received it. It says "republic of gamers" on the back and came with the box and all of the paperwork. Everything matches up. So I know I didn't get a converted "tencent games" rog 2

  • The last update for Android 9 was 1610.64, released on Dec. 19th.

    If your intention is to stay on Android 9, you will not receive updates.

    When you manually downgrade, you pull your device off the automatic FOTA list.

  • After re-reading, it looks like you are on 2002.32. Check for the next update to see if your device picks it up since you are back on Android 10. If not, we can ping Anders and he should be able to add your device to the FOTA list.

  • Will do. Thank you for bringing resolution to this matter. Certainly something that wouldn't have accured with nubia red magic

  • Would you you be able to do this? Get me back on the FOTA list? Still not getting any ota. Please and thank you 😊

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    If I UPDATE using a file from Asus website, I will continue receiving OTA normally? @LP_ASUS

  • @Anders_ASUS would you be able to add me back to the FOTA list? I haven't gotten a update since I got the rog 2 and theres been 2 released as of now. Would love to start get ota updates. Please and thank you in advance 😊👍

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    Got My rog 2 yesterday. Android 9 out of the box. How Long should it take for the phone to start updating itself with fota? Think the security update is from oct 19 too. No update.. is it some thing i've missed? It's the ww version.

  • That's the same boat I'm in. I manually updated but I'm still not getting them ota. We might not be on the FOTA "list" hopefully @Anders_ASUS will be able to add us to it soon

  • I received my very first ota update just a few seconds ago. Anyone else get it?

  • Oddly enough I just got mine too but at 4pm GMT.

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    Got update 64 today.

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    hi,not have any ota update after downgrade to 9,hopefully @Anders_ASUS _ASUS will able my rog phone 2 in the fota list.tq u

  • You won't receive any ota updates if your on Android 9. Have to manually upgrade to A10 to get back on the FOTA list. I actually just got a new update today. Asus has really been on it with the updates. I've gotten one every month since I've owned the rog 2. Great work guys!

  • Hey i am dealing with the same problem can you please help me with it

  • You have to manually update to the last A9 before your able to manually update to 10. Personally I just just moved back to A09 because this last update was really buggy. Battery life is SOOO MUCH better with A09. I know everyone always complains about the battery life when a new version of Android hits but it's extremely noticeable

  • I have a fota for A10 that popped up immediately after I downgraded to A09. Results may vary but I think if you were getting ota updates before you downgraded you'll still continue to receive them after.

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