Charging time sucks after update 424

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Anyone have this ? Any solve yet ?

This the most annoying thing, who want to charge their phone in 9 hours till full 😠


  • Hi ivar9613,

    Sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused. Kindly provide the information below so that we could better assist you.

    1. At the beginning of charging, the charger is detecting the system, so "Fast Charging' might appear few minutes after. Can't "Fast charging" work all the time in power on?

    2. Try another charger and cable. Is the situation remain?

    3. Does the issue remain the same in "Safe Mode"?

    # How to enter and exit "Safe Mode"

    4. Please charge with your original charger overnight starting from below 30%, and provide me the screenshot of


    ②Setting>Battery>3 dots on the top"Show app usage"

    5. Viewing the whole charging timeline, does it meet the official charging time? Also, please provide me your model name: Setting>System>About Phone>Model

  • ivar9613ivar9613 Level 1

    Thank you for the response.. i actually did view times restart the phone.. and it's kinda back to normal.. now the only problem is the battery drain too fast, even when its on idle position.. i hope asus really give minor update to fix some issues

  • Hi ivar9613

    1. Does battery drain more while using the phone or in sleep mode?

    If while using the phone, does any specific apps drain more battery?

    If in sleep mode, please 1) Charge the phone to 100% before going to bed > remove the charger > Clear all apps in recent app list > turn off screen > the next morning before using the phone, please screenshot the two pages:

    a) Settings > Battery

    b) Settings > Battery > ""Advanced battery usage"" (tap the battery icon to access)

    2. Is there any zone heating up while using/idling?

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