Heating issue, after update

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Now phone doesn't stay cool for long.

Even small task heat up the phone.

For past 1hr i have been watching a series on mx player and this is the temperature recorded by Armoury crate

Anyone else facing same issue?


  • How high is the ambient temperature where you are compared to the reported system temperature? Would also help to know if you were charging the phone at the time.

  • DaulatDaulat Level 1

    No i wasn't charging my phone.

    I'll give you screenshots of some scenario by evening.

    Thanks for replying.

  • DaulatDaulat Level 1

    Hello @Gustav_ASUS ,

    So i tried to recreate the same situation.

    1. First i switched off my phone for 10 min to bring it down to room temperature or near to it

    2. Room temperature was around 32°c.

    3. After 2 hrs of usages i couldn't reach 41°c but was at 39°c

    4. Attaching below the screenshot

    5. In the testing period i never did anything else. Never received a call or switched to another app.

    6. Did same thing, watched a series on Mx player for 2hrs straight, with 50% brightness level.

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    @17daulat Thanks for the additional details. Considering the comparatively high ambient temperature at 32°C, the temperature levels you're showing are not too strange. They are also not at a level that's harmful to your device.

    If you feel like investigating further, I suggest adding MX Player to Armoury Crate and enable real-time info while watching your series. Take a look at your CPU/GPU levels. Might just be that MX Player is putting your phone under heavy load.

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