Multiple airtrigger profiles for same game

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I just purchased a rog 2 coming from a nubia red magic mars. Absolutely love the rog 2 but I really miss being able to have a rear finger print scanner to program with games. Which brings me to my question. Is it possible to preform multiple actions with a single airtrigger? For example I use the left trigger to fire in call of duty mobile by tapping it. Is it possible to slide my finger across the same trigger to preform a different action, like reload or switch weapons without having to sacrifice the taping that I use to fire? I see the horizontal slide only simulates on screen sliding and can't be programed in conjunction to tap. Basically I'm asking if it's possible to program multiple "gestures" to 1 airtrigger?


  • Glad to hear you're liking your ROG II. @kyleashcraft86

    As for the airtriggers, we don't support multiple functions being used at the same time.

  • Is this something that might be considered in the future? Or made possible through a future update? Haven't heard anything about the rog 3 but I imagine what I described would be a added feature. I'm sure everyone would love if it was added to the rog 2 as well. I think it would really neat if airtrigger gestures could be programmed to represent different screen actions. Like sliding across the airtrigger could be programmed as a tap or vise versa. I was reading somewhere that this was going to be a feature but was dropped. Not sure if there's any truth in this but I hope it's something that's still being considered for a future update

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