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I have observed a problem with my rog phone 2 today and i have not made any changes in my mobile but only updated pubg mobile to latest version and charged my phone and played, while playing i norticed heavy battery usagenthan usual. Before it used to take 15%/h while playing pubg which is pretty normal but after the pubg update and applying settings sent by a mod in armory crate my battery percentage drops like super fast. I tried my normal armory settings which is default xmode but it didnt make any difference. Should i be worried and send my phone to service center or should i wait for update so it fix, i will attach a screenshot of my percent drop. Also i use 30 watt charger with my rog so i dont know if my phone is charging as it should be but it raises 4 percent in 4 min, is that normal?

Please let me know if i should send it to service center or is there a fix.



  • I also charge my phone upto 80%, sometimes 100% is it that my battery is degraded or something. Please tell me its just bothering me. @Anders_ASUS @tit an

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    They'll tell you that software is inaccurate. These batteries are degrading really fast.

    I used two of my external charging meters and the battery is degraded and it almost matches software readings.

    This was after running my phone to 0% and letting it shut off itself. I charged it while off, to make sure there was nothing eating up battery while it charged.

    The results are the same, even if I use my USB-C Reader with the included charger that does "HyperCharge". Losing 1300 in this short amount of time doesn't bode well. I also have Good Charging habits according to the phone. I pretty much never let it go below 20% or above 80%. I also reboot the phone once a week.

  • I've been not using my battery for 3 hours straight and it falls to 97 percnt . You can see 96 as 1 percnt got down while writing this post , I'm using 60 hz pannel and phone was kept aside with airplane mode on , no wifi nothing . I just want to confirm that weather my batter is in good condition or not . Kindly reply , as I wrote thi before as well but I could not find my post idk why . Thankyou, waiting for an apt reply.

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    +1, I'm too facing similar issues, battery backup is at least 10-15% less from what it was few weeks ago.

    Plus overnight battery drain is 8-15%.

  • The battery indicator on your screen isn't the actual 100%, ASUS put a buffer to prevent you from overcharging which just means you can be looking at your phone and it says 100% and it is actually not.

    How did I know this ? I normally charge my phone to a 100% following the indicator and I will turn off the charger once it hits 100

    But I accidentally overcharge my device by 1 hr and 15 mins because I was busy and it the indicator stayed at 100% for a very long time...on the rest of the days where I follow my daily charging routine...and it drops from 100 to 99% quickly because it is not actually fully charged.

  • I completely agree with you brother , but I always charge my phone for 10 mins extra even after its 100 percnt . Also I dnt always charge it to 100 between 20 to 90 , thankyou.

  • Mate you cannot overcharge a smartphone. The battery has wears as you charge it but you cannot overcharge a smartphone because as soon as it hits 100% your battery stops charging and the power is used to power the smartphone. Please stop spreading rumors that asus does wrong battery calibration due to overcharge. Battery calibration can be wrong sometimes and there are apps that can fix it or you can just discharge your phone fully until it shuts off to calibrate the battery. Also wears happens when the phone is charging and no wears happens after the smartphone hits 100%. Wears means damage to battery. Charging to 80% causes approx 0.3 or 0.5 wears and 100% causes 0.8 so if this happens then the observable difference even if you always charge your battery to 100% will be in an year or two. Please stop spreading false info and false rumors.

  • It's true that the phones battery isn't fully charged once it reaches 100% even if the led says it's fully charged. It will continue charging for a little while. @Volodesi I don't recognize your USB meter and don't know how accurate it is but if it is accurate, then you may contact your local asus support. They can evaluate if your battery has degraded more than expected.

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    I mentioned using two of them. One is a USB-C only, made by SATECHI. I've seen many Android sites use them and recommend them. The other is a Drok(in the picture). They're are very close to each other in terms of results.

    I did let the phone charge until it started to trickle charge. I was still below 5000Mah.

    I also discovered that using that 5V 2.4A charger in the picture causes the touch screen to glitch out really bad and act like I am moving my finger when it's on the screen. Really odd. Don't see this behavior on my Pixel 2 XL with the same cable/charger.

    Also, there is no "local" ASUS Center near me. Closest one is a 13 hour drive away. 😅

  • I discovered turning off pick up phone to show indicator in the fingerprint settings REALLY makes a world of difference with my battery life. My fingerprint indicator only pops up when I double tap the screen or press power button. Having the under display fingerprint always popping up when my phone moved was killing my battery.

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    Security and lock screen > fingerprint > unlock device >tap screen to show indicator. All the other options are turned off besides the tap screen to show indicator. Battery life has increased at least 50% after modifying that setting

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    Hi volodesi,

    Please check the voltage output of the socket you are using and proper grounding in your house. It happens only when voltage is below 140 volts and higher than 240 volts. It always happens to me when I'm in train charging my device as train voltage output is always changing never being constant. While charging you can avoid accidentally movement on the screen by touching the frame of the device by naked finger to ground some of that extra voltage.

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    I live in the US. We have 120 Volt. Also, like I said. This doesn't happen on my Pixel 2 XL.

    Also tested it on my Nvidia SHIELD Tablet and SHIELD Portable and neither have this behavior on that port.

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    Now this is a useful tip! I didn't know it existed! Thanks!

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    I had a S10 before Rog Phone 2. This feature also ate my battery like there's no tomorrow. After turned it off my battery life was way better. This was the first thing i disabled in Rog Phone.

  • @gsanchez @kyleashcraft86 Can you tell me how to do this. I cant find the option to do this.

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  • You can always call your local ASUS support and use mail service. I'm not saying that they will accept this as a warranty case. They have no idea how you have charged your device since you bought it and an external USB Meter won't show you the whole truth into the actual size of the battery. But start with contacting them and check if they can have a look at it.

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