Zenbook UX310U doesn't see HDD: BIOS problem?

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A friend of mine brought me his laptop.

The model is Zenbook UX310U (it is what I read on the label) with i5-7200U, Geforce 940MX, 8Gb RAM, SSD.

The laptop can no longer start the OS.

In fact, at power on, the notebook enters directly into the BIOS where no HDD is recognized (all SATA ports are empty).

However, if I boot a Linux distro from USB, it starts and can read the hard disk on which Windows is installed (so the SSD seems not "broken").

Seems like I have to reset the BIOS, but I don't know how to do it.

I don't even know how to update the actual BIOS (currently in version 311).

I can't find the exact model name: is it UX310UA and UX310UQ?

Also when I enter the BIOS, the EZ Flash Utility 3 option is disabled.

Can anyone help me?


  • Hello maurizio,

    May you provide pictures of your BIOS now?

    BIOS should be showing your complete model name as well.

    If not, pleas kindly provide SN.

    Thank you.

  • I can not read in BIOS the exact model because, as I wrote in my first post, the EZ Flash Utility 3 option is disabled.

    The SN is: H4N0CV05K07115C

    Many voices in the BIOS are disabled and I don't know how to reset the BIOS.

    After other tests I discovered that the internal disk was damaged: I tried to launch the installation of Windows from a USB stick, the SSD drive was recognized, but it gave an error because it signaled a failure on the disk.

    I then purchased a new SSD but a "normal" 2.5 SATA disk that I installed in the pertinent computer bay.

    Unfortunately the new disk is not detected and I can not set anyhing in any way because, as already written, everything seems disabled.

    What could be the problem? Can I reset the BIOS somehow?

  • Will you take video on mobile phone. Upload to YouTube and share the link.

    How you did all steps.

  • I have the same configurations but different model. Intel i5 7200u nvdia 940mx 2gb gddr5

  • Hello maurizio,

    Your model is UX310UQ

    Please kindly use WinFlash to update BIOS

    Also, how does your BIOS looks like anyway?

    if it doesn't look link EZ flash 3, then at least there is still something, like EZ flash 2?

    or you can;t get in to BIOS either?

    Thank you.

  • Thank you for answers! Sorry for the delay in my reply.

    After other tests, I managed to reuse the laptop.

    Some clarifications (maybe it can be useful to someone).

    1) I think that the bios reports many disabled items because partly blocked by some technician: the laptop was initially used in a company and perhaps for this reason some bios features have been disabled. These are assumptions, since the laptop is not mine and I received it like this.

    2) The 2.5" SSD disk of which I spoke in my previous post was not recognized because I had not reassembled the bay correctly: the fact is that the communication contacts seem only "resting" on the motherboard. My first attempt to mount the bay was slightly crooked and the connection with the motherboard did not take place. After disassembling and reassembling the bay correctly, the disk was recognized correctly and I was able to install the operating system again.

    Thanks anyway for the support received.

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