[Bug Report] Game Genie Record/Stream feature Audio lag with Android 10

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After updating to Android 10, when using GameGenie to record or stream there is an audio delay. Sounds come a second later than they actually should.

This only started happening in Android 10. Before, it was all fine and good. I tried both recording in 720p as well as 1080p, but the same issue persists.

Game: Pubg Mobile (Latest)

Android Update: 17.0230.2002.32

Regards and Thank you all the developers for their awesome efforts they have put into this device!


  • Same issue even in android 9. Little bit audio delay which is annoying too much .

  • Same problem please someone help. !!

  • We're looking into the issue of a slight delay in live audio when using the screen recorder. A delay of one second sounds extreme however, could you please provide a video filming your device when this is happening?

  • I am really sorry for replying late @Gustav_ASUS . I just didn't open the forums. Sadly my phone screen broke from the inside without any dropping or any rough handling and now I am sending it for repair, so I can't really film a video.

    But the issue was definitely there, I can confirm. I had the latest update, and the audio delay is too much to neglect. It wasn't there before I updated to Android 10.

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