Android 10 Update

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When will Android 10 Update will be Available


  • nidhin3nidhin3 Level 3

    FOTA update for Max pro M1 will start rolling out from 6/5/2020 (Today). Since server pushes update in batches it may take a few days to reach some users.

  • BlueHuntBlueHunt Level 3

    No. You don't get FOTA for a beta or developer version. Ask any Max M2 users whether they got FOTA till date or not. A very same kimd of developer build was released for Max M2 users a week back. First confirm with any M2 users whether they got FOTA or not in these past 7-8 days.

  • asus has just come up with a new chutiyapa

    yesterday when i chat to the executive, they said that it (424) is the Beta Revised version and you will get stable by mid may

    now when i chat with them today, they are saying that this (424) is the stable version and you will get fota (who knows, bcz everyone has already updated manually)

    and when i said that yesterday you were saying it was a revised beta and now in one day it has become stable, so they said they were not having complete information yesterday and now it is the stable

  • BlueHuntBlueHunt Level 3


    They are super confused. Meanwhile, just surf the M2 page once and everyone there seems to be pretty sure that the .29 Version which they received in April 23rd, thats a beta version. But Asus representatives said that was the Stable release for M2. Ask any one of the M2 users there about whether they received any FOTA in these long 13-14 days or not, they will simply reply you that they don't expect FOTA because they know that .29 Version is the Developer image.

  • the thing is simple, if a person is using asus and if he has some brain to use, clearly knows what's happening

    the thing is even asus knows what their developers are capable of (which is nothing)

    they also know that they are providing beta or developer versions

    but just because people are complaining so much for the late update, they just provide a beta to shut the mouth of people and call it a stable one

    but the truth is they will not accept it, if they do so people will again start to complain about the stable update which is not provided from last 3 months

  • BlueHuntBlueHunt Level 3


    Nothing can be more prominent as what you said to describe capabilities of Asus.

    They are good for nothing and we should stop expecting from them. Because Asus always been fantastic in its job to disappoint its users.

    What Asus is failing more, theu should have clearly instructed their customer care people to provide correct and rightful information when users would ask them, but they are still misleading users with false and conflicting statements different times to different users.

    They should have known that not everyone is well aware of all the terms like "beta", "aosp image" or "developer build" etc. At such times, when everyone is fade waiting for Stable Android 10, they are releasing such versions that too without any clear information that users have to manually install the version because its not a stable release and no FOTA will be there. People are confused, people are frustrated and they even mislead people with the description where it was mentioned the target Firmware would be .59 and .60 while thats a CLEAR WRONG INFORMATION because the .424 could only be installed on those devices which are currently on .063 (stable pie) or .407 (beta 10) only.

    Getting sick of it and Zentalk is currently a mess just because Asus failed to provide right information to its users on time. People are confused and people are getting frustrated.

  • one thing is that people who are using android 10 for the first time are still hapoy with this update, they are finding it smooth n all, and i would say its not their fault either

    take my example as well, when i first used 407 i was very happy with that, although it had bugs but i thought it was a beta they will be fixed and it felt smooth update, also comparing to the initial updates of pie this (407) seemed to be good

    but when i was waiting for these 3 months thinking that they will fix atleast bugs which are clearly visible, but when this (424) came, i was very furious cause i find no changes in my phone at all

    so it is the people like me, who were using 407 from 3 months and now tested this 424 are angry with asus cz we find no difference

    but the one using android 10 for first time are still happy with it

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