AURA notification issue

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I have a little issue with the AURA notification function (blinking AURA LED on the back side), didn´t found something similar here.

When receiving an email, whatsapp or whatever, I expect that the phone instantly begins to blink the AURA LED as set in armory crate.

But it only starts to blink when I wake the phone up by pressing the power button or double tapping the screen and then sending it back to standby (powerbutton or doubletap again).

Are there any special settings I forgot to set???

I have 2 ROG Phone 2 (12G, 512G, different production dates), each on the latest updates having the same behaviour.


  • We'll have a look at this. Right now we're unsure if this is a bug or related to how Android classifies different notifications and/or how different apps are setup by default.

  • ReAcTiVeReAcTiVe Level 1

    Thanks for the info.

  • I have the same exact bug. Works one time out of ten. Can we expect a fix?

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