Android 10 AOSP Software Image developer Version for asus zenfone max pro m1

Hi guys.,

Asus somehow released an update for android 10

But it mentioned that it only for android 9.,

What it is meant??

Is it update to android beta or update for android 9 .,



  • MahenderMahender Level 1

    Well it seems like., Asus restricted us to post url😅

  • Santhosh p sSanthosh p s Level 1
    edited May 5

    Any new bugs or improvements?

  • Sonu MardiSonu Mardi Level 2

    It seems like asus have fixed the bugs of beta version and released this software to the user, so that they can check again and send the bugs/glitches report to asus for improvement of android 10.

  • Mukesh3539Mukesh3539 Level 1

    Morpho device registration is failed on this latest developer version and media sound is very low.........

  • Can this have any bugs?

  • Sound is very low ..also the HD graphics is not available in Pubg 😒

  • And the serious bug is that Low network strength issue and network fluctuation issue

    And when you reboot your device in safe mode it does not show any network

  • I used the beta version had some bugs but the customization was awesome liked it. Hope this version would solves all the bugs present in the previous. I'm eagerly waiting for the stable one

  • Call speaker volume is very low , in a full volume I can't hear the voice of a that issue is fixed in android 10

  • I am using 10 beta version and I am facing problems with wifi network coverage and wifi hotspot.

    The signal strength is very weak while using mobile wifi hotspot and mobile heats when using hotspot.

    And wifi signal receiving capacity is poor compared to pie.

    And fast charging not working. And battery backup also less compared to pie and Oreo.

    Asus please fix all the issues before you release the stable 10 version.

  • ChitraKChitraK Level 1

    Bugs in build no.424:

    1. Speaker output is very very low.

    2. Notification sounds and ringtones are very difficult to hear because of low speaker output.

    3. At higher volumes the speaker cracks.

    4. In the homescreen the Google search bar is permanently fixed you cannot remove it.

    5. When I double tap to turn off the display the lockscreen again lights up then I have to double again to turn it off.

    6. Sometimes the notification LED doesn't light up.

    7. There is a huge gap between the navigation bar and the actual display content when I use the Android 10 gestures.

    8. Charging speed have been reduced quite a bit.

    9. Vibration is a little low too.

    10. Audio via headphone is just absolute garbage.

    11. Stock camera cannot focus when HDR is turned on.

    12. Overheating while gaming.

    13. Poor network strength and frequent network fluctuation

    14. Battery drain issue.

    A litte suggestion from my side:

    Please remove the AM/PM from the time in 12hour format. Looks very old-fashioned


    Still can't remove settings suggestions

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