asus zenfone lite l1 android 10 AOSP

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fix app freeze

give guided access

camera fix(first photo not shot but after that work fine)

icon for internet speed

asus file manager


  • direct video call still not available

  • Asus do not provide any big update on Asus Zenfone lite l1 they was only provide beta version not any stable version

  • What was the advantage and dis advantage of asop 10 version

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    AOSP means Android open source project. Basically it is that version of android OS which is developed by Google.Android is open source, so any one even you for that matter can download the source code and modify it to create your own custom version of android. Basically it a stock android.

    Advantage:- Clear and smooth UI due to stock android u will not find any bloatwares.

    Disadvantages:- It is not a feature rich UI like custom roms.

    Hope u understand


  • After updating ASOP Android 10 on Zenfone Lite L1, Wifi connectivity is not working properly. it is not reconnecting saved networks automatically when wifi is available.

  • On Zenfone Lite L1, how can I revert back from ASOP Android 10 to Android 8 that was factory loaded when phone was bought and how can I restore Factory loaded Apps

  • Download latest version of Oreo & flash it by stock recovery mode

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