A few questions regards to TwinView Dock II and Game/phone performances.

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Good day all,

Bought this phone like around 4-6 months ago, quite happy about it, till recently that there as a hit in performance when it is mounted onto the TwinView Dock II.

A few occurrences:

  1. Hit in framerates after phone is unlocked, or when started up again after prolong period of time. (With and w/o TwinView DockII
  2. Lag and drop in frame rates (Game/App/Just home screen) during the above situation
  3. Phone is the same regardless in X-Mode or not.
  4. Tried on 60hz, 90hz, and 120hz Refresh Rate.
  5. At certain times, TwinView Dock II screen seems to have better refresh rate/frame rate compared to the phone itself.
  6. All profiles for games are default. No adjustments made.


In addition, does TwinView Dock II allows movement and putting apps in folders? I find it messy or did I did something wrong? (All apps are not categorized accordingly)



  • Glad to hear that you're happy with the ROG II. Could you provide a video showing the above-mentioned issues for us to take a look at?


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