AudioWizard Bug

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edited September 2020 in ROG Phone 2

When I'm listening to music in any app whatsoever, AudioWizard kinda makes the audio high pitches like outdoor mode and less fuller even tough outdoor mode is Off. I've cleaned the cache and app data of AudioWizard and audio wizard service provider. It helps for a little time then it becomes odd again. I usually use Normal mode and audio becomes high pitch, all modes have high pitch. This high pitch also effects Outdoor mode as audio becomes more high pitched and less loud than normal.

When I'm recording video by default video recorder, audio becomes normal until video is recording and goes back to being high pitch after recording.

I don't know it's my unit problem or others also have. as I also have bug while listening to music via headphones as I've stated in beta form. AudioWizard keeps turning off when I open QS panel and bass is increased.

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  • Please check these issues again after the next FOTA and if they persist post-update, mention me in this thread.

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