[Clarified] App based refresh rate

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Hi it will be useful if user has option to select refresh rate for particular app based on their liking.

Not every app is supported higher refresh rate or needs to run at higher refresh rate and it helps to reduce the battery consumption .

Please forward this suggestion to developers

@Anders_ASUS ,@CH_ASUS ,@LP_ASUS .


  • as of now you could select this option in game genie. Android 11 has added an API for this by default.

  • CH_ASUSCH_ASUS admin
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    You may add the app to Armoury Crate and use the functionality inside, not all apps can be added (system apps for example cannot).

    Thank you for your suggestion! I will close this thread so we easier can monitor new posts. If you have more suggestions you would like to share, feel free to make a new thread about it.

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