Motherboard failure — TWO TIMES

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I purchased this phone in India via Flipkart in the last week of July 2019, and the motherboard died while I was in Hong Kong within the first month itself. I contacted Customer Support and they informed me that the warranty is local so there was nothing I could do except come back to India to get it repaired 3 months later.

They replaced the motherboard in November and the phone appeared to be working fine (although there were some WiFi and audio issues eventually). Now the phone is repeating the same symptoms and will not turn on at all regardless of whether it's charging or not (no LED shows up when it's plugged in, hence me diagnosing it as a motherboard issue).

Now I have no international warranty and the phone is still damaged due to faulty hardware provided by ASUS. I will repeat that the same issues occurred from August 2019 and I could only get the motherboard replaced in November 2019 as I was given the same excuse of "local warranty" by Customer Support. I accepted it then, but I will not accept it now.

My service no. for the request is A200486304. Worst Customer Support and phone service I have ever faced.

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