What is the correct BIOS for UX581G Notebook?

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  1. System: Windows 10 Pro
  2. Battery or AC: AC
  3. Model: UX581G
  4. Frequency of occurrence: Frequent
  5. Reset OS: Yes
  6. Screenshot or video:


Detailed description:Need to know if I have the correct bios in my unit and or where can I get the correct bios? This unit has had a rather odd behavior that it developed. I have had to reset the OS and it hasn't gone away. Using certain streaming apps the machine goes unresponsive touchpad or touchscreen it still shows whatever I am watching but it does not let me click anything but the [x} out button to close then I have to restart.

Different instance is the unit becomes hard to work with web browsing, Document editing, or doing anything local on the unit becomes very lag restarting usually solves but it is persistent lag that comes back.

Biggest unknow is that both the screens have started to go black all of a sudden when the machine is at idle not doing anything rare is the instance when it shuts down and app and goes into a black screen. The powere settings are set to go to sleep at 5 hours away or never on screen and pc battery or ac. Machine becomes unresponsive with a higher fan noise pitch that you can hear not really max turbo trying to cool but it does kick it up. Nothing responds keyboard, touchpad, mouse, touching the screen nothing. Have to hold the power button down a few seconds to shut it off then I can powere it back up.


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    Go to Asus site> service> download center. Put in your model and download the bios. Extract that bios in a pendrive and press F2 or esc while powering it on. Now find the option of ezflash in the bios option and navigate to the bios file and press enter and the promt will be there so press yes.

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  • Hi Blake,

    I just want to point out that the latest 307 BIOS turns the unlocked i9-9980HK processor into a locked one. Meaning all control over clock multipliers and voltages are lost which completely defeats the purpose of having a K processor.

    I've since reverted back to 305 because I undervolt for better temps and performance, and also downclock for better battery life.

    Maybe it's a programming oversight? So please get someone to look into. Until then I'm sticking to 305. Thanks.

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    That is interesting what region is your laptop from? I not one to overclock and over/undervolt so it probably does not really apply to me. My question though is because I was on 305 and I never saw any features that allowed you to do said things.

  • If you're referring to the BIOS, (non gaming) laptops generally don't have much options exposed to the user. You'll need to use either the official Intel XTU software or ThrottleStop to manage the CPU.

    As much as how well designed the Pro Duo's cooling system is, which is surprisingly gaming grade like decent btw, there's still no way the Pro Duo can sustain a prolonged load at the max rated clock of 4.2GHz on all 8 cores, hell it can't even sustain the rated 45w TDP without thermal throttling even when only a few cores are loaded.

    The difference in idle temps alone for me with undervolting is as much as -10°C and a performance increase of as much as 8% in Cinebench R20 as thermal throttling kicks in much later and less severe.

    BTW, just got official word that they are locking down the BIOS for good. So if you want control over the i9-9980HK CPU that you paid so much for, you'll need to stick to 305.

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    I have the same issues as well , Do you have any way to downgrade the bios version from 307 to 305 for undervolting the CPU ?

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