Mobile Desktop Dock Arrow Key Bindings

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I just bought an ASUS Mobile Desktop Dock Revised (ZS660KLD) and I'm using it with my 12/512 RoG Phone 2

I'm primarily using it for First Person Shooter (FPS) games and I noticed that the Arrow Keys don't work well with games like Call of Duty: Mobile

My problem is when my character is strafing while walking/running forward. Using Arrow Key "W" to move forward combined with either Arrow Key "A" or "D" (Pressing W + A or W + D at the same time), most of the time it won't strafe while moving forward. It will either go straight strafing to right or left.

I tried moving the Arrow Keypad Key Mapping higher than the CoD:M Movement Keypad (Virtual Joystick)

Any solutions for this?

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