ZenFone 5 (ZE620KL) Slow Charging

gabrielheinschgabrielheinsch Level 1
edited September 2020 in ZenFone 5 Series

Hello friends, I have a problem with my Zenfone 5, I noticed yesterday that my phone was charging extremely slowly... to get an idea, it took 1:30h to go from 12% to 14%, opening the "Ampere" app, I was checking only 10mA, I tried to remove the charger and put it back on and it went up to 800mA, even so it’s not the 1700mA that usually reaches charging... and detail, I tested this same charger on the ZenFone 4 Selfie Pro I have here and it reached 1800mA with the same charger, does anyone have an idea?


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